The Amazing Oscar Peterson

Very helpful for anyone wanting to distinguish between the many great jazz pianists!

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Shocking…but true

I knew this was happening but it just makes me sad. There are plenty of talented musicians and singers out there but they don’t get credit like the fake “pop stars” do.

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A Better Way to Practice

Check out this great article on how to become more efficient with practicing!

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Pirates of the Caribbean Video!

I came across this video the other day while searching Rachmaninoff piano pieces and I had to post this. One of my students and I did a Pirates of the Caribbean piano duet this past spring, so when I watched this, memories came flooding back from the challenges and fun that goes along with playing this music. Levi does a great rendition of the theme song! Listen to hear for yourself.

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NEW Board Game!

NEW Board Game!

Here is a sneak peak at the board game I am creating for piano students! Check back often to see a complete unveiling by the fall of 2013!

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Recital Programme Template

This past spring piano recital I decided to make a new programme design. To do this I used the program “istudio publisher” in combination with a free create booklet PDF service, on the internet, to make it into a booklet. Below is what the final product looks like. I saved it without the students names and all the piece titles so it can easily be downloaded and printed for your own use. 

Feel free to comment on this style and make suggestions for other ideas!

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Happy 146th Birthday Canada; My Home!

This is a little ode to Canada! I chose this video because Canada is my home and I am so grateful for that! Such a great way to celebrate Canada Day then with The Piano Guys’ rendition of Home by Philip Philips. So here’s to you Canada!

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