Ju-“yes” OR Ju-“no”!

Alright, since the Juno Awards are this month (April 21st) in my home town of Regina, SK, I would like to take the opportunity to figure out if people are excited about this or think it just another one of those over-talked-about topics. I want to know if you are for them (Ju-“yes”), or against them (Ju-“no”).

Aside from my own opinion I am happy that music is the focal point here but I’m a little hesitant with all the idolizing society places on the artists and the value that is placed on the awards. Sure, many great artists have won in the past but how can we really judge what is “good” music anymore and what we are basing our judgements on?

This topic has definitely got me thinking and I’m trying to put myself in the artists’ shoes. Would I even want to be famous if all I really do is make music for the pure enjoyment and passion I have? With these questions and personal thoughts I invite you to help me figure it out.

Please take a few moments to answer the poll below and I thank you for your opinion.

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