Recital Pieces

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking more about what pieces would interest my students to play in the June recital. Of course there are the pieces from their standard repertoire books, but I think there is something to be said for a “special” recital piece.

As I was brainstorming I recalled a favorite recital piece entitled, Agent X by Melody Bober. This piece is relatively easy to play and it sounds fantastic. Filled with syncopations and a jazzy feel, most students are immediately attracted to it. 

Another composer I’ve been taking interest in is Dennis Alexander. Dennis has many lyrical melodies filled with sweeping arpeggios to convey the emotion intended. I did find a site, here, that can help you narrow down which piece to pick. My personal favorite would be Day’s End because of the musicality the performer gets to express and because it sounds more complicated than it looks so it’s perfect for an older beginner. 

Also, I’ve found that duets work greatly too because it gives the audience the full experience of a piece. Especially if the student is new to piano and may want that extra comfort of having their teacher play with them. 

Lastly, medleys are a great way to end the piano lesson year. Whether it’s a Disney, movie soundtrack or even a medley of a few pieces they’ve learned throughout the year, medleys are always very interesting to listen. Sometimes I get the impression that the audience is more engaged because they try and figure out the different pieces that are embedded into the one piece as a whole.  

Whatever your preference is for recital pieces, happy choosing!

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